About This Site

When you don’t sleep, you can feel like something the cat dragged in.

But for every sleep problem, there’s a solution. And sometimes, it’s as simple as the choosing the right natural sleeping aids, learning better sleep techniques or buying a new pillow, mattress topper or white noise machine. Severe sleep problems may need medical help, but you may be able to solve many sleep situations yourself. Maybe you just need the best electric blanket available so you can finally get warm and fully comfortable.

When can’t figure out how to sleep better, don’t despair or give up. There’s hope for you, and I can help you find it. I’m Eric Parker, your guide at End Roadkill.

Why the funny name for a very serious site? At End Roadkill, I hope to put an end to that “roadkill” feeling that so many people have every morning and all day long because they aren’t sleeping as well as they should.

Do you have that problem?

Explore this site for product reviews, great advice you won’t find anywhere else and honest answer to your sleep issues. You’ll find an article here about the best sleep tracker, how a memory foam pillow or neck pain pillow can help you sleep better and more. Do you know about the Berkshire blanket?

Solving problems is my full-time job, and creating websites to help people is my hobby. If you experience chronic dry eye, computer vision syndrome or other issues, visit Clear Your Eyes. Explore minimalist living at Minimalist Living Today. Or find info on all sorts of topics at Conspiracy of Good and Advice Without Hype. Each site is aimed at helping you find the information you need to make great decisions and have the best life possible.

You don’t have to feel bad because you aren’t sleeping well. There’s a better way.

Look around this site, learn how to sleep better all night and feel better all day. And stop feeling like something run over in the road or dragged in my Fluffy. You deserve better than that.