Memory Foam Pillow Eliminates My Morning Pain And Makes Every Day Better

I used to wake up in the mornings with shoulder and neck pain — and feeling like I’d not slept well. I tried several regular feather and down pillows, some of which were very expensive. But after using them for a while, they all ended up flattening out and not supporting my neck and head properly. Then I began wondering if a memory foam pillow might be the solution to my problem.

Nothing else worked, so I decided to give a memory pillow a try. I tried several actually, and some of them didn’t make much difference. But I was amazed at the difference a carefully constructed one made in how I slept and how I felt in the morning. There was a significant difference from the very first night.

I hadn’t planned to write many pillow reviews on this site, but I like my new memory foam pillow so well I have to share a bit about it with you. Maybe a memory pillow can help you too.

Memory Foam Pillow Reviews

The best memory foam pillow I've found ships from Amazon.
The best memory foam pillow I’ve found ships from Amazon.

After reading the reviews I decided I needed to try several different pillow options. It didn’t take me long to decide that the Serta Reversible Gel-Memory Foam Classic Pillow — available from Amazon — was the one I wanted to use every night. It gave me the relief I was seeking and helped me get a really good night’s sleep. And it really didn’t need any breaking in. It helped right from the first night I used it.

Unlike many memory pillows, this one offers you the ben

efits of having two different sides to choose from. On one side there is memory foam that gives you a medium soft cushiony feel and on the other side is a gel memory foam that gives more support and is cooler. Either side offers you great support for your head, neck and shoulders, and one side can even help you stay cool on those hot nights. That’s a major plus if you live in a hot climate like I do.

I like the fact that being memory foam it molds to fit my head and neck and doesn’t lose its shape. I usually sleep on my side but this pillow works just as well when I choose to sleep on my back or stomach. Any way you sleep it will mold itself to fit you.

I did notice that the pillow doesn’t scrunch up like my old pillows but this isn’t a problem. In fact, I like a pillow that’s still square in the morning.

The foam is also designed not to cause allergic reactions in most users, and that’s a plus when buying a new pillow. Waking up sneezing is no fun. I also like that the cover for this pillow is made of 100 percent cotton. That’s good if you have allergies too. And the cover is removable and machine washable, an added benefit

Final Thoughts

After using this pillow, I realized that I didn’t toss and turn as much during the night. This helped me to sleep more soundly and wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed, something I hadn’t done for a long time.

So why not try the Serta Reversible Gel-Memory Foam Classic Pillow? Yes, it might be a little more expensive than some other types of pillows, but I found that it offers me the relief from pain and the rest I was looking for. It just might be what you’re looking for also.

Sleep well and enjoy less pain in your shoulders and neck with this great memory foam pillow.

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